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International criminal record checks

International criminal record checks involve  of obtaining information about an individual’s criminal history from various countries. These checks are often conducted by employers, background screeners and organisations to verify an individual’s criminal background when they have lived, worked, or studied in different countries. The purpose of international criminal record checks is to ensure safety, security, and compliance with legal requirements, especially when hiring employees or admitting individuals into sensitive positions or institutions.

Key points to consider for
international criminal record checks

Legal and Privacy Considerations

Conducting international criminal record checks can be complex due to varying laws and regulations in different countries concerning the release and sharing of criminal record information. Privacy laws and data protection regulations must also be taken into account when obtaining and handling such sensitive information.. Delvium partners with organisations that specialise in these checks to offer its users an automated service with specialist providers.

Scope of Checks

The scope of an international criminal record check can vary. It might include checking for convictions, pending cases, or other relevant criminal history information. The level of detail provided can depend on the policies and procedures of the country being checked.

Turnaround Time

International criminal record checks can take varying amounts of time, depending on factors such as the efficiency of the foreign country's law enforcement agencies, communication channels, and the complexity of the search.

Sources of Information

Criminal record information is typically obtained from law enforcement agencies, national police databases, and other relevant government sources in the countries where the individual has lived or resided. The process and accessibility of this information can vary significantly between countries.


In most cases, individuals are required to provide their explicit consent before an international criminal record check is conducted on them. This consent is essential to comply with privacy laws and regulations.


Due to differences in legal systems and record-keeping practices across countries, verifying the accuracy and completeness of international criminal record information can be challenging.

International Criminal Record Checks

Getting a Criminal Records Check for Time Spent Abroad

If you’re a UK citizen or resident and you need to obtain a criminal record check for the time you’ve spent abroad, you’ll likely need to contact the relevant authorities in the country or countries where you resided. The process can vary significantly depending on the country’s legal and administrative procedures. You can sometimes do this through their embassy in the UK.

Delvium provides this service via specialist providers for background screeners and other organisations who may also be able undertake this service for you.



Getting a Police Certificate for an Overseas Visa Application

Many countries require individuals applying for visas to provide a police certificate or criminal record check from the countries where they’ve lived. These certificates demonstrate that you have no criminal convictions or provide details of any convictions you may have. You would typically need to apply to your country’s law enforcement agency or appropriate authority to obtain this certificate.UK citizens would normally require an Enhanced Disclosure that can only be applied for by an organisation or local authority.


International Criminal Record Checks
International Criminal Record Checks

Getting a Police Certificate to Work or Volunteer with Children Abroad

Some organizations or countries require individuals who are planning to work or volunteer with children abroad to provide a police certificate or background check to ensure the safety of the children. This helps verify that the individual has no history of offenses that could pose a risk to children.

Getting a UK Police Clearance Check for a Foreign Employer

If you’re a foreign employer requiring a police clearance check for a potential employee from the UK, you would typically request the individual to obtain a Basic Disclosure from the UK authorities or from a registered organisation. The individual would need to apply through these appropriate channels in the UK to obtain this certificate.

International Criminal Record Checks
International Criminal Record Checks

Statutory Requirements for UK Employers When Carrying Out Checks on Prospective Employees Who Have Spent Time Abroad

UK employers may conduct background checks on prospective employees, especially when they have spent time abroad. These checks can include criminal record checks, reference checks, and other verifications. However, the specific requirements and practices can vary depending on the industry, role, and organization. Employers should follow legal requirements related to data protection and privacy when conducting such checks.Delvium partners with specialist providers overseas to assist with this process.

Criminal Record Certificates for UK Visas

If you’re applying for a UK visa, you may need to provide a criminal record certificate from the country or countries where you’ve lived. The UK government provides guidance on the types of certificates required based on the type of visa you’re applying for. These certificates help immigration authorities assess your character and whether you pose a security risk.

Criminal Record Certificates For Uk Visas

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re seeking to secure a criminal check for an overseas visa application, ensuring compliance to work or volunteer with children abroad, or obtaining a UK police clearance check for foreign employment, Delvium is here to simplify the procedure.

Have a more specific question or requisition? We are here to help! Write us an email: [email protected]

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International criminal record checks involve obtaining information from law enforcement agencies and databases in the countries you've lived in. This helps provide a comprehensive picture of your criminal history beyond your home country.

International criminal record checks provide valuable insights into a candidate's background, allowing companies to make informed hiring decisions. They help protect the company's reputation, minimize risks of workplace misconduct, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Companies must adhere to data protection and privacy laws when handling candidate information, especially across borders. Obtaining candidate consent, ensuring data security, and complying with relevant regulations are essential aspects of the process.

Yes, obtaining your criminal record information from other countries requires your explicit consent. This is to comply with privacy and data protection regulations.

Delvium partners with specialised agencies  that facilitate international background checks.
Delvium partners have the expertise to liaise with foreign law enforcement agencies and databases to gather accurate and comprehensive criminal history information.

Read More: Guidance on the application process for criminal records checks overseas. 

Facilitate International Criminal Record Checks with Delvium

Our experts collaborate with authorities worldwide to navigate the complexities of criminal record information retrieval. With a focus on privacy, accuracy, and legal compliance, we empower you to meet statutory requirements and facilitate the background checks you need, ensuring safety and security in your global ventures.