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Checks and Services

Delvium provides access to the full range of checks that you would expect from a sophisticated system that automates much of the process with access to the following services to verify your candidates quickly.

Digital Right to Work

Enabling right to work to be verified for entitlement to work in the UK and ID verification to enable a criminal Disclosure to be applied for automatically once the ID has been verified.

UK Credit Agencies

Enabling access to critical public information to verify candidate address, electoral roll, CCJ’s, bankruptcy etc.

UK Disclosure Services

To provide access to criminal records for all types of employment. This service is automated as a result of the integration with Digital Right to Work.

Neotas Social Media Screening

Analysing behavioural risks related to the content posted by the subject across various social media platforms. Using a combination of NLP and AI, social media posts in over 200 languages are processed and full context and translation are provided within the social media reports.

Directorship Check

Directorship Check aims to identify any previous directorship appointments held by a candidate and verify the details of those positions. This involves conducting thorough research and investigation to ensure accurate and reliable information regarding the candidate's past directorial roles.

Adverse Internet Search

Searches conducted using proprietary technology which combines NLP, and keyword identifiers to search on the internet, to extract the most relevant data.

Adverse Media Checks

Searches conducted through subscribed databases and surface web news: News Database – covers more than 40,000 news sources in multiple languages from around the world.

PEP Checks

Analyses more than 7,000 structured sources for PEPs with a specific focus on Relatives and Close Associates, these include spouses, partners and children, to give a more accurate insight into the risk of whom you are doing business with.

Sanctions and Watchlists Checks

Covers all the global sanction lists, and criminal & regulatory watchlists including lists from OFAC, HMT, UN, DFAT, and EU among others. Checks also cover various off-shore leaks databases.

Court & Regulatory Records

These international Checks include identifying subject’s involvement in court proceedings and identifying if the subject has faced actions from regulatory authorities in jurisdictions covered.

Off-shore Leaks Checks

Checks through some databases to identify the subject’s connections with companies in off-shore jurisdictions.